What Does Powerless Mean

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Since we're talking about my thoughts, let's start with the impact your cheating has on me. Turning in someone else's work as if it is your own is a form of lying. To me, at least, when someone lies to me, it says, "You're either too stupid to recognize that I'm lying to you, or you're powerless to do anything about it even if you do know that I'm lying. Either way, I don't respect you." In my position as a professor, the "powerlessness" option translates into "too gutless or lazy to do anything about my lie." So, from my point of view, when a student lies to me, he or she is in effect saying that I'm stupid, gutless, and/or lazy.

Now, at some things I'll admit that I'm stupid. And I don't know how courageous I'd be if, say, I was thrown
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