What Does Puppy Room Mean To You Essay

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“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something” (Edward Everett Hale Quote). Everybody has the opportunity to make a positive change in the world, yet so often people do not take advantage of the opportunity they are given. In many cases, it is because people are too concerned with how much of a difference they can really make. If what they do will not change much anyway then why try at all? For example, if I donate fifty dollars to my charity then I have done something good, but it is nothing compared to a sponsor who can donate ten thousand dollars with one check. I walk away feeling like I could not make a difference like the sponsor can, so why should I even put in the effort…??? Trapped in the same kind of…show more content…
I gazed into each of the puppy’s faces and saw a love and innocence that I have never been able to find anywhere else. I would imagine what I saw in the eyes of those small puppies can be described as the look a mother finds in her new born child. Innocence and purity rests deep in their eyes and you can visibly see their immediate love and dependence on you. You are their caregiver and they need you. Immediately, I was ready to do whatever I needed to do to fulfill my role as temporary caregiver for these puppies. I was instructed to take them all out of their cages and let them run outside in the fenced in area so I could clean the cages. Another volunteer stayed with them and scooped their poop, as need be, while I got to work. First, I removed their beds and prepared them to be washed for a new day. However, doing this was agonizing for me because I was washing away that sweet puppy smell that coated each of the beds. Then, I emptied out their water and food bowls and took them to the laundry room where the sink to clean them was. Then came what I thought was going to be the grossest and most dissatisfying part of my day; cleaning out the old newspaper. The bottom of each cage was covered with six to eight pages of newspaper to provide a little cushion from the hard, cold, metal cage that surrounded the puppies. However, in most cases these pieces of old, donated newspaper were decorated with brown and yellow gifts of thanks from each puppy. Although, when I started reaching into each cage and removing the poop covered paper I discovered that I did not mind. The smell, the feeling, or even the idea that I was cleaning up puppy waste did not phase me. I do not know if it was the gloves that made me invincible to it or not, but I like to believe that I did not mind because I knew I was meeting the needs of the puppies who were dependent on
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