What Does Running A Technology Practice A Modern Agency Look Like?

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What does running a technology practice in a modern agency look like? 1. Opportunities and Goals a. Strategic Alliances There is a ton of tiny gems in New York—nuclear teams of a handful of developers able to crank out code of superb quality at rates below market. Using a honeypot of smaller and larger projects we can quickly find and build relationships with multiple teams and groom them for acqu-hire. Using small teams, Brand Connections can build an improved mobile platform to replace race to retail. b. Incubation Building mobile, 3D/VR, and other capabilities in-house would be a great asset to the company. By building a small incubator we can attract talent for pennies, as long as we supply the facilities and exposure. Some tech to explore would be: i. Emerging Technologies 1. Microsoft HoloLens (dev kits ship in the spring) 2. Oculus Rift (DK2 available now, Consumer Version expected this year) 3. Samsung Gear VR (already out) ii. Interactive Advertising and Measurement 1. Reactive ad displays 2. Brand ambassador interaction tracking with facial recognition 3. In-store navigation solutions 2. Technical Debt Working with vendors, partners, and internal dev teams is always difficult when it comes to code quality. Since technical debt is the most straightforward way to measure software quality, this section attempts to explain what technical debt is, and propose a way to quantify and manage it at Brand Connections. What is technical debt? From the perspective of a
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