What Does Sidenote Mean To Me

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One time during halloween my dad decide to teach me about the government. He did that by taking some of my candy for “taxes.” Now what that did was teach me about the government while taking some of my candy. Sidenote-he is a bad man for that and I show no mercy for him with candy because of that. He told me that the government had to collect money from people so that it could pay its workers like police,paramedics and, firefighters. “Also it helps prisoners eat” he added. “You can also go to jail if you don’t pay.” He added once more. “Isn't that redundant” I questend. Then that got me interested in the government. I started reading books and watching fox news. Then I found the history channel. It is not really about history ,it should be called Las Vegas business. Then I wanted to go to Vegas ,my dad took me and I learned a lot…show more content…
It was about a man named Winston. He works a the records department at the ministry of truth and is basically rewriting history. To get away from tyranny of the “Big Brother” he writes a diary which is punishable by death. Then he meets a girl named Julia who is in love with him. Then they go to a “member of the enemy of big brother” but that is a trap because it is a setup. The so called member tortures Winston for months. Then he is forced to a room of his greatest fear and then they were able to do what they wanted to do which is break his free will and he does that by telling them to give Julia her greatest fear. That changes Winston and he meets Julia again. She admits that she betrayed him then there is no doubt that he loves big brother. Near the end of the summer [ when I finished the book] It took me a while to decipher what that meant. Was that the government can control you and if not then they can harm you. It is controlled by the elite class.[ The part that made me realize it was when O’brien tells Winston that “Big brother will never
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