What Does Social Class Mean?

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What does social class mean? Social class is a division of a society based on social and economic status. Now, what does hidden curriculum mean? Hidden Curriculum is a side effect of education, such as norms,values and beliefs in the classroom. Accordingly to Jean Anyon’s, author of “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work” she claims that each and every social class has its very own different way to teaching schooling. Anyon states a plethora of strengths and weaknesses in this article. She believes that all children have been taught to learn, comprehend, and behavior in a variety due to the social class’s they have been thrown into. Anyon examined each social class which she called The Working Class, The Middle Class, The…show more content…
A suburban home, with kind people walking their dogs daily. My father, I’d like to say was a great business man and my mother, was wonderful stay at home mom. Currently, my social and economic class has been exactly the same. Anyon’s first social class that she talk about is The Working Class, the lowest class of them all. This class often is a very crowded community, with their normal income being extremely low. Normally working for restaurants, assembly-lines, and being bartenders to name a few jobs. For example, restaurant workers only need to be trained for about a week or two to start working and beginning. To say the least, careers with basic thinking and common sense are need for the working class. This can play a huge role for the working class families, to be specific, their children. Just as the parents do, children also do little bit of thinking during school sessions and homework. Teachers a very simplistic during explaining assignments to the students. For example, a teacher will show the students how to do the problem and once the lesson is over with, she would tell them “What is 17 + 3? 20. Do you addition, we will begin subtraction next week.” No explanation was given, or even a discussion in the classroom. Teachers are not positive, but also not negative if that says much; also all control is in their hands. The next social class she called The Middle Class. This class contains families with children that have a good income and rich. Blue
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