What Does Sociology Mean?

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What does sociology mean? According to Andersen, Taylor (2013, p. 4) “sociology is the study of human behavior in society”. In this paper, I will talk about some concept and topic such as inequality (social class, social mobility, gender, race and ethnicity), work, economy, marriage, and family.
In my country Saudi Arabia, there is inequality, and it is affected peoples ' lives. I used to work for Saudi Airlines for five years. In that period, I experienced inequality such as promotions, and training opportunity. That inequality made me angry, and forced me to quit working. My social class is the upper-middle class. I am a 29-year-old male. I belong to Arab Semitic race, and I belong to the Middle-Eastern ethnicity. I am a Sunni Muslim. According to Andersen, Taylor (2013, p. 186) Marx’s theory divided the society into two classes: “the capitalist class, those who own the means of production, and working class (or proletariat), those who sell their labor for wages”. Also, there are more classifications within these classes such as the petit bourgeois, the owners of small business (knowing as middle-class, they consider as a capitalist class), and the lumpenproletariat (people cannot work or not need such as the homeless).
In Marx 's theory, comprising the production stage of capitalism of two pillars: namely, the bourgeois class, they are capitalists who own the means of production, and lays the largest of the proletariat number (or working class)…

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