What Does Sony Breach?

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overwriting data on the master boot record (MBR), making it “extremely difficult and costly, if not impossible, to cover the data using standard forensics method” (Walker "Analysis of Wiper Malware, Implicated in Sony Breach, Exposes Shamoonstyle Attacks”). Dana Tamir from Security Intelligence writes how no organization is safe from being targeted. She writes how “the attack on Sony illustrates that cybercriminals can be motivated by more than just money. The different cybercriminal groups that targeted and breached Sony over the years may have had very different motivations for the attacks. Unfortunately, this means every organization can become a target at one point or another for various reasons. As such, you must be prepared” (Tamir "Who…show more content…
Michael Pachter, a video game analyst at Wedbush Securities stated that the major factor that prevented Sony from learning any lessons in 2011 was: organizational structure. He states how “it’s the [Sony] movie guys who don’t talk to anybody,” Pachter says. “They learned nothing from the PlayStation Network breach. I don’t know the movie guys, but the game people have been very friendly and open-minded and would love to work with the Sony movie guys” (Gaudiosi "Why Sony Didn't Learn from Its 2011 Hack"). Akanksha Prasad from the International Business Times reports about the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (Cisa). The bill is controversial “as personal information of residents will be available to government agencies such as the National Security Agency (NSA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and local police. Many internet and technology firms including Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Dropbox, Yelp and Reddit have raised concerns over sharing customer data” (Prasad "Will Amended Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Leave Americans' Personal Data…show more content…
However, anti-malware detection products are available to detect and prevent attacks. These products can better ensure protection on computers. Group three believes that training employees to be aware of security issues in companies, along with different type’s attacks can prevent employees from clicking on suspicious emails, links, and downloads. It also gives the companies systems’ a better chance of not being compromised. Group three predicts that the amount of attacks similar to the Sony data breach will increase as technology advances along with news ways to compromise systems. Collectively, group three believes there is not true solution to this type of attack. In the future group three believes that for a company to be truly safe, the network has to be completely secure, servers and connections have to be checked and updated regularly, and employees must be aware of the attacks that hackers will try to do to infect a network
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