What Does Sun Mean?

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The sun is the “engine” which produces climate, biomass and energy on earth.
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The sun is our source of life; it produces the largest output of energy that fuels the biological and physical procedures around the world. The sun is capable of producing heat; as a result the sun heats up the air as well as the surrounding atmosphere, allowing for change in the weather. Climate being the long-term pattern of atmospheric conditions, we must analyze weather statistics over a large span of time, in order to determine climate change. As we know, the earth constantly orbits around the sun changing its position frequently from time to time. It is said that this orbital relationship between the earth and the sun, may change the geographical distribution of energy throughout the earth. As a
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Everything from the sun is a source or form of energy. Energy is considered, the ability or capacity to do work. This would mean, without the sun we are unable to fuel any of our biotic organisms, thus destroying their functions. Of course there are alternate ways of producing energy, however as the sun is our largest output of energy by far; the earth does not have the sufficient resources to survive without it. The sun gives life to plants and animals as well. Later on these plants and animals may turn into fossil fuels, acting as an alternate source of energy, or even using the plants themselves as sources of energy. The sun not only acts as an energy source itself, but indirectly creates other sources of energy as well. Think of it like a tree diagram. All sources of energy, branch off from the sun, without the sun there is no energy, thus halting all functions throughout the world. Energy is essential, and the sun again, being the main source of energy, is also essential for humans to continue living on earth. As a result, the sun too acts as an “engine” for energy on
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