What Does The Acronym Stand For Each Of The Following Basic Types Of Cloud Services?

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INFO-1167 Cloud Lab Alexander Farquhar 1. What does the acronym stand for each of the following basic types of cloud services? In addition, write a definition for each type using information sourced from the Internet. a. SaaS – Software as a Service – Users on the service are given access to the application’s software and databases, cloud providers manage the infrastructure and platforms that run the application. “On demand”. b. PaaS – Platform as a Service – Cloud providers deliver a platform, including operating system, programming language, database and web servers that developers can use to develop and run their software on a cloud platform without the cost and complexity of buying and managing hardware and software. c. IaaS …show more content…

5 Quick Deployment – Easy to deploy to consumers/employees, etc. b. Cons - List three specific downsides or problems when using cloud computing. 1. Security – Mostly relies on providers security. 2. Technical Issues – If your providers down, you’re down. 3. Inconsistent Performance – Relies on active internet connection. 3. Define the following terms: a. What is a private cloud? Private cloud is an infrastructure operated solely for a single organization, whether managed internally or by a third-party, and can be hosted either internally or externally. b. What is a public cloud? Public Cloud is when services are rendered over a network that is open for public use. May be free. Little to no difference between public and private architecture, however security consideration may be substantially different for service. c. What is a hybrid cloud? Hybrid cloud is a mix of both private and public from different providers that offers benefits of multiple deployment models. Extends capability of a cloud service. 4. Amazon related question. a. What does acronym AWS stand for? Amazon Web Services b. Identify three specific services that you think many businesses would be interested in using. Provide the names of the services that you identified and develop a brief description of each service in your list. Insert a two-column table in MS Word for your list of services and descriptions. Dropbox Can be

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