What Does The Appalachian Mountain And The Teatro Olimpico?

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What does the Appalachian Mountain and the Teatro Olimpico have in common? They are the oldest surviving of its kind. The Teatro Olimpico. Located in Vicenza, Italy, it is the oldest theatre surviving from the Renaissance. Designed by architect Andrea Palladio, its construction started in 1580 and took five years to create. It was designed as a miniature indoor Roman theatre that can fit up to 3,000 people. This theatre had a lot of unique features that exuded Italian Renaissance. The stage was raised about 70 feet by 18 feet deep in front of the scaena, or stage house. The stage had five alleyways leading up to it. Down each alleyway, there were small models of buildings to give the illusion of disappearing perspective. With many more luxury to the eye that dwell upon this theater and 431 years of legacy, of course a tremendous amount of hard work goes into its upkeep. I am reviewing the restoration of this monument in 1755 and beyond. I will investigate the restoration of the Teatro Olimpico by discussing the reasons for reconstructions, the process of the reconstruction and process of upkeep in the present day. On April 23, 1755, members of the Accademia Olimpica of Vicenza congregated within their venerable theater, the Teatro Olimpico, to discuss the restoration of the buildings ceiling. Even though the ceiling had been restored twenty-two years prior to the date, the low grade of lumber used for it had been exposed to a great amount of rainwater and it began to

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