What Does The Change Happens? Essay

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Introduction: Life plus organization is aged care home and also help disable person. we are focused on empowering individuals appreciate personal satisfaction, paying little respect to their age, harm, handicap in our organization There are currently 12 team members are working. But due need to improve in managements, my organization have higher another contract of 8 new employee recruitment from Ministry of Health. Our organization has created a trust and notoriety for being the best service provider in rehabilitation services. Rehabilitation is a planned treatment or action, which helps to recover the person with any injury, disability on the normal condition. LEADING A TEAM INTO A CHANGE What is change? “Change is act process through which something become different” or In simple words, we can explain this term as an event that occurs when decision taken by company to alter process, people or structure in part in response to internal or external factors. Why the change happens? It is happens because of either Inspiration or Desperation Because the change is depends on both positive conditions and negative conditions that occurs in the organization. More importantly, it occurs due to economic factors rather than the socio-economic factors. It occurs when the people and their problems are directly involved. Although the main factors are as follow:  Economical factor  Environmental factor  Technological factor  Social factor  Legal factor  Political factor Before
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