What Does The Environment Look Like? Earth Or Mars?

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What does the environment look like? Earth or Mars. For example the game Destiny has many environments as in the plant Venus the planet is overgrown with plants and trees. But in Mars the environment is desert like and plan.
In GTA has weather which it can sunny in the game and sometimes in the game it can be raining as well when the time goes by in the game.
In GTA there is also day and night system. When player plays the game for a certain number of minutes the time of day will change.
How does the character feel? In The Last of Us the game main character Joe is sad and anger due to the loose of his Daughter at the start of the game.
Changes do the result of events in the game. Joe eventually meets a girl who is immune to the zombie virus. At the end of the game Joe make the choice to either to save humanity or to save the girl. Which in order to save her he has to kill good people. That makes him look evil at the end of the game.
Game tries to create an emotional bond between the player and the character; the sound track can help e.g. tell the player about the characters back story with right music in background. In the Last of Us it does very well in making the player having a bound with the character. In the game it uses sound to express the character feelings. The sound give the player a sense that the player is lonely and is still mourning his daughter’s death

In GTA if you kill someone the cops will go after but killing

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