What Does The Future Hold For The Indigenous Peoples Around The World?

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What does the future hold for the indigenous peoples around the world? There is no clear answer, to this question. Each and every government must review the past treatment and the current conditions to determine what should [could] be done, to improve the lives of their indigenous peoples. The issues of the past are vast in number and unique to each government. The issues include: political power, education, environment, land [territory], intellectual property, poverty and the list goes on. According to, Gillette Hall and Harry Anthony Patrinos “the United Nations proclaimed 1995-2004 the International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples” (76). Today, there are still unresolved issues that confront the very existence of the future of indigenous peoples around the world. In order, to move forward it is still necessary to look back and review the processes that have improved the livelihood of the indigenous and what have been the setbacks. If there is to be a change for the improvement of all indigenous peoples; the entire international society around the world should make an agenda to commit to enforcing the rights of indigenous peoples. First, the issue of proper representation in the body that makes decisions for the rights of indigenous peoples needs to be addressed, to ensure the needs and the needs of the indigenous peoples are met. The Human Rights Council which it the forum that the indigenous peoples have the possibility to report their experience of the

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