What Does The Future Of Human Resources?

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What does the future of Human Resources (HR) look like and is your organization prepared to handle those changes? Literature indicates that there is a significant overhaul underway and emerging in the field of HR particularly with respect to its role in the twenty-first century. Forbes contributor Jacob Morgan, interviewed several top human capital HR offices (i.e. Deloitte and Marriott) and concluded the name and function of HR is experiencing an immense transformation. This revolution is requiring Organizations and HR leaders a like to act, respond, and engage like never before. HR has been described in terms of “an approach consisting of four basic functions: 1) staffing, 2) training and development, 3) motivation, and 4) maintenance" (Follis, 2001, p. 38). Your organization 's HR should be preparing to strategically position the organization to excel where it is currently but more importantly where function of HR is headed in the future based on alignment with the organizational elements (i.e. mission, vision, objectives etc.).
In answering the opening question, Human Resources (HR) movement in the future will include a focus on strategy and strategic leadership, an advising role (policy advice), data analytics, and a renewed focus on the people within the organization (Cosby, 2014). Impact of future trends on HR will also significantly influence other areas of the organization. Lack of awareness and preparation of HR leaders and Organization to transition with the…
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