What Does The Globalization Of Drug Trade Benefit Countries? The Golden Triangle And South America?

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To what extent does the globalization of drug trade benefit countries in the golden triangle and South America? The two sources I choose to evaluate was a letter to the president of Peru and a 335 page book about drug trafficking around the world. Both of these sources provide valuable information to my research question.
The letter to the president of Peru was from H.E. Jose Antonio Garcia Belaunde who is the minister of foreign affairs in Peru. This letter was created at the General Debate of 64th Period of Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, on the twenty eighth of september 2009. Because the letter was a primary source it has no known or thought of limitations. The purpose of the letter was to inform the president about the drug trade problem in Peru and its effects on the country. It was only made for his eyes to see but was then release to the public with none of it changed on the United Nations website. There are no limitations for its purpose because the letter was not a cry for help, made Peru look weak and was made to inform the president. This source is valuable because it is primary and shows exactly what is going on in South America. The author is also trustworth, qualifies to write about drug trade and not biased.
My second source is a book called Innocent Bystanders: Developing Countries and the War on Drugs. It is full of relevant facts and data about drug trafficking all around the world. It was written by Philip…
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