What Does The Green Light Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann is about a hopeless, in love, millionaire by the name of Jay Gatsby and his dream lover Daisy Buchanan, despite her beauty is a self-centred, shallow and hurtful woman. Gatsby being a millionaire he could have potentially obtained anything with his money, The green light which was at the end of Daisy’s dock was a vision of his goal to have Daisy. Daisy Buchanan had assured Gatsby that she could not be bought. When at last Gatsby had Daisy to himself ‘which he thought he did’, she was longer idolized by him and no longer desirable. It was a feeling of ‘so close yet so far’ meaning even though Gatsby was physically close to the green light, it (Daisy) was not something he could keep. ‘ So close yet so far’…show more content…
I think this symbolises the difference between dream and reality, indicating that the American dream is great in imagination but fragility in reality. It helps me understand that something precious that you may have wanted at one point in your life will eventually slowly fade away. Colour symbolism is used very efficiently in this movie, the colours itself tells a story and portrays a certain character's persona. The colour white in the movie was mainly associated with Daisy, in the movie daisy is always seen in white clothing, white represents pure beauty, purity, positivity and innocence. In one scene where Nick is going over to his cousins Daisy’s house for dinner he walks into a room where she had been, Daisy was wearing a white dress, wind was blowing from her white windows into her white curtains, and a clear chandelier right above her this portrayed daisy as an innocent naive, pure woman. White also symbolises emptiness, ruthlessness and selfishness, this had been linked to Daisy very well as under her purity and innocence she is a superficial, hollow, cold and selfish hearted person. Colour symbolism helped me understand this movie and it’s hidden message’s which had given the movie a lot of dimensions. Green was mostly associated with Gatsby and the choices he made during his time, whether it served as a
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