What Does The Inner Workings Of Your Mind?

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When your friend starts getting the same questions incorrect on exams as you, you begin to realize how complementary the inner workings of your mind are to your friend’s. Unquestionably, he shares many common habits with you, including the same process of elimination that you are subjected to during an exam. It’s either that, or some form of foul play may be involved.
It’s not a surprise that 95% of high school students have admitted to some form of cheating at some point, while 64% have shamelessly conceded to cheating on a test. I mean, who’s watching? Imagine being placed in an unsupervised classroom with no teacher; only the students themselves would try to govern over the chaos that would ensue. It’s stating the obvious that there is no impetus to stop cheating if there is no driving force that compels one otherwise. As a counter, many schools have suggested an honor code - a pledge that is to be recited or a contract that is to be signed at the start of the school year.
Some colleges take the honor code to the next level - a student run system of cheating. This seems like a very odd recourse to take in order to put cheating levels at a standstill, but then you take a look at a variety of colleges, such as Williams College at Massachussetts. What if I told you that class exams are taken completely unsupervised in some schools, and as difficult as it is to believe, cheating incidents are very rarely identified compared to many other schools that take inordinate…
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