What Does The Invention Can Be Made For A Healthier Lifestyle For The People?

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Ever wonder what invention can be made that will benefit the present and the future. Yet, it is not any ordinary invention, it is an invention that will make the planet greener and provide a healthier lifestyle for the people. These green developments are what are called sustainable chemistry. It is a tactic created to provide the needs of the present generations that will later also benefit the future generations. The people have to create greener solutions to many of these environmental problems because as we know a large portion of our planet is being destroyed piece by piece. From the air we breathe all the way to the soil, we walk on every day. A major problem would be that many people are developing major health issues, all because of the filthy air we breathe in. This is all coming from the toxic gases from factories and cars, toxic chemical waste, overloads of waste, plant chemicals, the list is endless of how many harmful chemicals are released. Many of these chemical uses can be decreased if we do our part of creating a situation. Instead of creating more trash and throwing away piles of garbage into the landfills and getting much of that burned or chemically proceed. Mostly 30 to 40 percent of food is thrown away into the landfills in just the United States. We can simply divide our trash and can create compost. Forming a chemical solution created by pure food compost that is only proceeded by worms. Reducing the use of intoxicated chemicals that harm the earth’s
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