What Does The Jack Symbolize In Lord Of The Flies

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Jack’s hunters show the “darkness of man's heart” and the evil of killing when they start to brutally kill pigs and enjoy it. When the hunters successfully kill their first pig, they start to celebrate in a not so sane way. They start chanting “Kill the pig, cut her throat, spill her blood”(69). By the hunters chanting this, it shows that they enjoyed killing the pig. Killing the pig was a necessary task for obtaining food but it was turned into a form of bloody enjoyment. Later when Jack and his group stumble across another pig, they kill it in a not so quick and efficient way. They all jump the pig and “Roger ran round the heap, prodding with his spear wherever pig flesh appeared”(135). Jack helps out by repeatedly stabbing down on it with…show more content…
After Rodger kills Piggy Jack “viciously with full intention, he hurled his spear at Ralph” (181). The spear hits Ralph not killing him and Ralph runs off. After Roger had killed Piggy it set off a spark in Jack, one that made Jack not hold back. To Jack, Roger killing someone was the excuse he needed to start killing someone. Ralph later stumbles upon the twins who are now part of Jack’s group against their will and they see him. They start talking and the twins since rally warn Ralph “you have got to go because it’s not safe” (188). The twins then tell Ralph that Roger “sharpened a stick at both ends” (190). Ralph then sees Roger approaching the twins and Ralph runs off. This warning about the stick is not clear until Ralph later knocks over a pig head called “The Lord of the Flies” when he's on the run from the all the other kids chasing him with Spears. The stick that the head rested on was sharpened at both ends. From this it is made clear that after Ralph was successfully killed his head was to be put on a stick. When the kids all give into Jack’s orders and go to kill Ralph, they are ascending into the evil that exists in people. Ralph did nothing to deserve death but the other kids still try to kill him. Putting Ralph's head on a stick is a barbaric thing to do after he's dead and is truly inhuman. The kids were so controlled by their “darkness” that they were to put a dead person's head on a stick. The kids show the embracing of evil and turning to killing when they all try to kill Ralph with a terrible plan for him after he’s
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