What Does The Machine Represent In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby film is a 2013 epic romantic drama film based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel. F.Scott Fitzgerald evoked popular music of his period, and was criticized because jazz was ephemera of the moment. The idea to fuse traditional jazz and modern hip-hop created an art form unto itself. The songs in the film epitomize the 1920s as wells as the characters of the novel in many distinctive ways. Primarily, the cover of the song Crazy in Love by Beyonce Knowles is used in a scene to express a heightened nervousness of Gatsby when he was anxiously waiting to be reunited with Daisy Buchanan at teas with Nick Carraway. This amusing scene gave a comic relief to the film ; and was ironic when showing the great Gatsby was too vulnerable. Furthermore, the song Young and Beautiful written by Lana Del Ray which repeats…show more content…
Moreover, in the song Over the Lover by Florence and the Machine dramatically and beautifully elucidates the themes of the film. For example, in the lyrics quote. “I don’t wanna see what Iove done” which signifies someone you know you can’t have which unleashes great emotion. In addition, it states the green light which is a representation of Gatsby's dream of being with Daisy he sees, in other words,he sees his future in her eyes. Along with, “tore yellow dress” which is the distance that separates and pain and suffering that both had to endure. In conclusion, in the film The Great Gatsby establishes a stylized past through modern beats . The song choices were very clever way of wapping universal lyrics around themes, while the lyrics fall beautifully with the themes of the film. The soundtracks depict romance and tells the story at the same time fills the audience with real yearning which sets the heart of the story. It illuminates real sadness in the story and that's reflected beautifully in the film. In addition we see Gatsby's wistfulness,and his intense idealism upon revisiting the past, while unrelenting
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