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The material presented in class was very informative. I would like to share a little background about myself. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Criminology emphasis Victimology. Throughout my 2 years of undergrad all I studied was victims. After obtaining my degree I was offered a position at Valley Crisis Center. Valley Crisis Center is a non-profit organization that assists victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Overall I have 3 years learning and educating myself about victims and have 1 years working with this population, provided services and bringing awareness. My overall goal in life is to work with this population by providing counseling especially to children who have been sexually abused. Learning and discussing about domestic violence is important. I believe for many people this topic is taboo. From my knowledge for many years women were belittled by men. Women were seen lesser than men and were treated as slaves or seen as property. As mentioned in class back in the Angel Saxon time’s common law was established. This ludicrous law stated men could hit women with an object the size of their thumb. This to me is absurd, thankful feminist movement started to arise and fight for equality. Since Angelo Saxon times women have come a long way.
Although some changes over time have occurred among women and men, behind closed doors some couples abuse each other. Domestic violence occurs among heterosexual and homosexual couples. In my opinion domestic
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