What Does The Movie X Men Mean So Much To Me

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Why the movie X-men means so much to me The first time I saw the movie X-Men I enjoyed seeing fantasy come to life. My older brother and I used to watch the cartoon so we were excited to learn there was a movie adaptation. This movie was special because it was first one that I remember he and I saw together. It was not until I was a teenager that this movie became special for another reason. I realized that the characters of Magneto and Professor Xavier were comic book parallel's of two Civil Rights Leaders. Professor X tried to live peacefully with humans and started a school for Mutants. This parallels with Dr. Martin Luther King's Civil Rights movement's that were based on peace and equality. Magneto wanted an Army of mutants to fight non mutants by being more…show more content…
Malcolm X was orphaned as a child after his father’s death and his mother being placed into a mental institution. He also had a criminal past as a kid this led to him having unpleasant run in with the cops. Magneto had a similar bad upbringing losing his parents in the holocaust him being the only surviving member of his family. This caused him to hate humanity and see mutants as above normal people. This movie shows both sides of the issue where you can see why Magneto feels the way he does and you get to see his side. In real life Malcolm X is seen as a great African American in history by people, but he is usually over shadowed in a way by MLK. In the movie they show this exact same thing with Professor Xavier overshadowing Magneto, but they show you both sides so if you don't agree with Magneto methods you can still see where he is coming from. In real life this is the same though people viewed Malcolm X methods as bad if you learn about him you will see why he did what he did. Seeing a fictionalize version of Malcolm X and seeing what he might have been going through gave me even more respect for
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