What Does The Newest Research Tell Us About Online Dating?

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What does the newest research tell us about online dating? Why is the industry so powerful? How does it work? What are the real risks and dangers of online dating? The innovation of online dating did not even enter the vocabulary of romance until the end of second millennium, following the fast advances of the technology and the internet. In the last decade, searching for romantic partners via online dating sites has become a visible and common strategy for those looking for companionship. As of 1999, only two percent of American singles had used some form of online dating sites. By 2002, one in four singles had used online dating sites (Orr, 2004). However with an exponential increase in its use, there is still the underlying question of safety to consider. While there are many ways to find potential dates online, the use of dating websites – websites specifically oriented toward helping people looking for romance – is increasing rapidly and has become a common used means of finding potential romantic, or sexual partners (Ellen, 2009). In U.S survey of general public, only fifteen percent said they knew someone who had been in a long-term relationship with, or married, someone they met online (Madden & Lenhart, 2006). To participate in most online dating websites, an individual registers by providing basic or personal information, filling out a profile indicating desired mate preferences, and sometimes completing personality tests. Most websites offer their
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