What Does The Nike Operates?

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Kantianism is very interesting as it relates to how Nike operates. “For example, one of Kant 's best-known principles of obligation is “Never treat another person merely as a means to your own goals,” even if doing so creates a net balance of positive value” (Arnold, Beauchamp & Bowie, 2013, p. 7). This definition is the complete opposite to what Nike has done in the past. It seems that the only way for companies to make money hand over fist, people have to suffer of get taken advantage of. A lot of mega-rich companies or organizations use a loophole within the law here in the United States or countries overseas to exploit people for personal gain. In order for Nike to turn profits, they went did the opposite of Kantianism. People were…show more content…
This also works in another way. The cheaper the labor, the cheaper a company can sell it to the consumer. This is called passing the savings along. Companies are in the business to make money, which is understandable. It is just morally wrong to be greedy. Some companies would still turn a decent profit if they were not greedy. If Nike would have boosted the pay three more dollars per day, they would have still made huge profits. On the other hand, if Nike would have raised the wages of its workers too much, they would have probably gone out of business by now. How Nike Made Repairs Nike is a giant company with vast resources. Nike utilized a combination of marketing and public relations to resolve its problems. It has unlimited money for advertising and marketing. With enough money behind a company, the public will quickly forget about its wrongdoings. One example of another company that was in a bad ethical situation was Subway. It was found that Subway used the same material found in Yoga mats in their bread. As time went on and advertising continued, people forgot about what happened. Nike agreed to correct some of their discrepancies. Nike agreed to stop using a hazardous material that proved to be very harmful to its workers. Nike also agreed to raise minimum wage in many of the countries in which it operates. In addition, Nike launched an education initiative for workers in many of the countries that it operates. These
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