What Does The Obligation Of A Person?

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Levinas writes on the obligation of a person without any feeling of guilt to act rationally and responsibly. Levinas identifies this condition as goodness by every means that is created as a burden. Levinas presumption of goodness can be viewed in relation to self to others based on the actions a person does. People often act based on what brings satisfaction, and not by conforming to justice. In the contemporary society, it is possible that the principalities of life fail to restrict a person from admitting responsibility of any wrong to others. For instance, people often give up on friends based on the assumption that they have spent time and resources trying to effect change. People have the ability to perform more by focusing on others. It creates a feeling of consciousness and responsibility, consequently eliminating the possibility of guilt. A different aspect that may form the basis of goodness of self to other is written in human relations. Over the years, people have engaged in social interaction that has built the image and credibility of the society, portraying people as ambassadors of goodness with no guilt. Despite the decay of human relations in modern society, there is evidence of positive characteristics and goodness. It highlights the importance of rational perception and the possibility of goodness as a developed social institution. Such elements enable people to live positively and dependent on each other. Focusing on the reconstruction of government
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