What Does The Presence Of Different Sectarian Groups ( Christian, Sunni, Shiite?

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How does the presence of three different sectarian groups (Christian, Sunni, Shiite) affect the political, economic, and social stability of a nation is an interdisciplinary research question because it seeks to understand the relationship between the economics and its key insights while examining the political environment can led to conflict and how that conflict was exacerbated by the involvement of many different cultural sects. Analyzing the case of Lebanon requires an interdisciplinary approach for several reasons. First, the problem is complex, meaning that there are several components and each components has a different disciplinary character. Second, important insights into the problem have been produced by expects from multiple disciplines. Third, no single disciplinary approach has been able to address this problem comprehensively. Fourth, the case of Lebanon falls within the research domains of several disciplines. By establishing these links across disciplinary knowledge domains requires creating common ground and performing integration, which is a distinct feature of interdisciplinarity. The scope of this study will focus on the nation of Lebanon with the events unraveling sense the early 1970 's until today. The composition of the Lebanese society allows us to examine how the presence of Christian, Sunni, and Shiite camps can lead to social instability with war being the most extreme manifestation of civil strife. Instability in a nations political

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