What Does The Price Of Salt Symbolize

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The story The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith is about a woman named Therese Belivet who sets out on a road trip with Carol to discover herself within the world. Therese is infamous for not being decisive with her choices because she always changes her mind. She never felt at home living with her remarried mother so she lived away from her mother. Therese is an everyday individual who is caught up with trying to make herself look good in society. Therefore, her thoughts and actions are usually between what she wants and what society wants. In Story by Robert McKee, he wrote about the importance of the protagonist’s desires, the inciting incident, and the novels controlling ideas which were included in The Price of Salt. The controlling idea of The Price of Salt is that we as people are always aiming to follow in the footsteps of what society wants; however, just because we follow…show more content…
For example, when Richard, her boyfriend, mailed her a letter degrading her as a person but she is unbothered and turns a cold shoulder to the letter and Richard. It is already known beforehand that she did not love Richard, because: one, she told him of her feelings and two, she disregarded Richard’s every attempt to communicate with her. Through her actions we were able to see how she could careless and that Richard was just a burden to her life. Another example is when she sold the necklace that Richard gave her after a fight they had. This symbolized their separation within their relationship and was the point in which their relationship basically ended. Also, in the end Therese is shown driving the car back to New York and even turning down another woman to meet up with Carol. This symbolized her finally overcoming her struggle with trying to follow in society's footsteps and her evolution into an independent woman controlling her own
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