What Does The Quilt Symbolize In Trifles

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In the early 1900´s women did not have the same rights as men and are not respected as much as men either. Women did not get their voting rights till 1920, four years after the play Trifles by Susan Glaspell. In the play women are suppressed by men and society, Mrs.Hale and Mrs.Peters prove that women are not constrained by society's rules and are in fact, the most astute characters in *Susan Glaspell’s play “Trifles”*. The kitchen in “trifles” is a major symbol in the play. For example, “It was all messy, out of order and empty, that represents her home life and how she feels in her marriage; unhappy and empty”(recessionJuice). The county attorney in “Trifles” says that “not much of a housekeeper, would you say, ladies?”(page 5). This quote represents the state of her home. The Quilt is another symbol in “Trifles”. The stitching on the quilt represents the emotional state of Minnie. Mrs. Hale points out “all the sewing had been nice and even to a point, then all of…show more content…
She had got the canary a year ago. When her husband killed the canary it was like killing her last connection to her old world. She snapped and started planning his murder, she saw how the bird’s neck was broken and she broke his. Mrs. Peters says that “somebody-wrung- its-neck.” The two other women in the play are the most intelligent in the entire play. Their husbands give them freedoms and believe that they could do no evil. Mrs.Hale and Mrs.Peters show that not all women are suppressed by men and society. While that is true, they are never referred by their first names. They are are called by their husbands titles.
In conclusion, men and men suppress women in “Trifles” this theory can be proven by the other women and the three major symbols, The KItchen, The quilt, and The canary. By using those thing the author creates a expression of
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