What Does The Raven Symbolize

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Edgar Allan Poe used symbolism in his book ¨The Raven¨. The Raven is just one of his Madness poems. The Raven itself that comes through the window represents black death and grief, also constant intruders. In his life there were many deaths and times where he was grieving, but also a lot of the time there was that constant intruder popping up. December, his mom died in December leading to the thought that it might be a poeming about the death of his mom and how he misses her. To continue December is the darkest month of the year and it is a very dead month. Nature all around is dead and very cold. Lenore, He opens the door calling for her ¨ ´Lenore?´ This I whispered and an echo murmured back the word ´Lenore!´ ¨. Lenore is clearly a woman
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