What Does The Right Or Wrong?

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Who’s To Say What’s Right or Wrong Character/values are more likely to be caught from one’s peers and surroundings, than if being taught in a classroom. Some (Kathleen Townsend) would agree that teaching character/values in school would be helpful in the crusade to lower crime rates. While others (Thomas Lasley) believe that character/values are important. They are not able to be taught, Lasley believes character/values are ‘caught’, saying its far more likely for adolescents to learn values outside of the classroom, and more so in their everyday environment. Author of, Not Just Read and Write but Wright and Wrong, Townsend, suggests that character/values should be taught in the school system. Townsend makes many well thought out points in their discussion as to why they believe character/values would be an asset to the adolescents of today. Some key points that stand out in Townsend’s discussion would be the survey conducted for People for the American Way, which asked over one thousand Americans between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four, what goals they would consider to be most important. Three times the amount chose career success over community service, to be the top priority. (Townsend 1) Townsend also made the point that character/values education brought crime rates down in New York, in the 1800-1900’s, when crime was skyrocketing past even London’s rate, London is far larger than New York. (Just to give an idea of how much violence was happening at that time,
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