What Does The Structure Of A Good Health?

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Introduction “You may not appreciate the presence of good health, but you will definitely regret the absence of good health, because health is happiness.” These words, said by author Amit Kalantri are words recognizing the need for acknowledgment when it comes to the health of everyone. There are a majority of people in the United States who cannot afford healthcare because of its Out-of-Pocket system. Healthcare is the maintenance and improvement of physical and mental health. It is needed by everyone, whether they are ill or not. Many of those people who can afford it are stuck in their own little worlds and do not bother stopping to “smell the roses” so to speak. They have everything they could possibly want and feel that they are inconveniencing themselves by stopping for a mere second to appreciate the blessing bestowed upon them. The United States has an Out-of-Pocket healthcare program that has millions of citizens uninsured. The main issue to be discussed could be better worded in this question: “To what extent does the structure of the American healthcare system compare with that of the European healthcare system and how does each system affect a person’s quality of life?” Even though the U.S. has one of the best medical systems in the world, it is better to have a system based on the structure of that of Europe because treatment is not based on income and everyone can receive healthcare and it generally costs less to live in a place with this system. Healthcare
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