What Does The U.s. Spend On The Military Every Year?

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11. What happens to young people raised to believe that war and violence are inevitable?
Those raised to believe that war is inevitable will have a cynical outlook of the world and will continue to perpetuate violence or accept it as a means of resolving conflicts. Those who hold this outlook will not recognize that there are alternatives to conflict resolution and will not look towards alternative solutions and violence will continue.
12. Were you raised to believe we will always live with war? (you may answer just “yes” or “no”)
No, I was not raised to believe that we will always live with war at least not explicitly. However, for a majority of my life the United States has been in conflict specifically with the middle east so there is the illusion that we will always be at war, but it has not been explicitly taught to be so that I would believe it.
13. What does the U.S. spend on the military every year?
Within the federal budget, the military receives 45% of all money that is allocated to the budget. Specifically, that is $1,300 billion.
14. What is the Global Peace Network?
The Global Peace Network is an organization dedicated to contributing to a sustainable, hopeful and progressive future for those most impoverished in the world through the development of health care and the provision of education. They work with individuals at the local level, NGOs and governments to help strengthen programs and organizations on the local level. They hope to make health
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