What Does The Witch's Hat Symbolize In Macbeth

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I choose to do the artwork option for my project and I have created a 3D model of a witch’s hat and a crown with a unique background. The witch’s hat symbolizes the three witches in Macbeth of which we get to know the most. The hat represents a bigger meaning of which that one of the themes in the play is supernatural and faith. This relates to the witches because the witches told Macbeth and Banquo their three visions and gave Macbeth the chance to see his three aspirations. In the play, these three visions and aspirations start to come true and it moves the ploy forward to the end, of which Macbeth gets killed. I put a major quotation about the witches onto the witch’s hat to enforce that witches and supernatural is a major theme and part of the play. On the witch's hat, I painted three tiny canvas of which put together spells ‘Macbeth’. I painted the word ‘Macbeth’ on three separate canvas to represent how Macbeth is later ‘broken’ and killed. It represents how Macbeth’s life starts to get out of control with his killing spree due to his ambition. It represents and foreshadows that something unpleasant is going to happen to Macbeth, death.…show more content…
The theme of power is represented with the crown because the plot of the play is Macbeth wanting to become King. Macbeth’s need for power pushes the plot of the play forward, and therefore I wanted to represent power because it is a major part of the play. Macbeth’s need for power started right after he killed King Duncan and realized that his ambition was bigger than him and his ambition was to become king. In the play, the Macbeth starts to those who are in his way of receiving the crown and getting power. This relates to the background of my project that represents the theme of
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