What Does The Word Man As A Synonym For Humans?

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Western authors oftentimes use the word man as a synonym for humans in general. This usage is not a coincidence nor is it a way to condense the group of people being referenced. Its intent is to specify which gender holds the most power as it is frequently used when discussing rights and privileges. The usage of “man” or “men” can be traced back to biblical texts, which continue to largely influence people’s lives today. In contrast, nature is typically described as being feminine especially so in the terming of Mother Nature. Nature is unpredictable, especially if humans do not control her. Both of these assumptions contribute to our relationship with nature in the Western world. It is not a healthy relationship because it is not an equal relationship just as men and women are not viewed as equal sexes today. The toxic ideology of our sexist culture contributes largely to how we view nature currently and how we view nature loops around to contribute to men view women. According to Speth in A New Consciousness, approximately 85% of the world’s people belong to some sort of a religion (214). For some of these people, their religion will encompass their entire worldview whereas for others it will only take up two hours of their week. At any rate, it cannot be denied that religion affects some part of how we view our place in the world. A major aspect of that is how people view themselves in comparison to nature. I believe that a large part of what we view the role of nature

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