What Does The Word Power?

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The word power can be taken in many ways. Since it is a large concept, it contains multiple meanings. Though, this the question. What is power? Power, as a concept, could mean almost anything when put against any kind of context, such as how individuals respond to one who has it, how it is used, how it is given, and how it is implemented. When broken down, power can be separated into three elements: competence, intelligence, and control. Those three elements combined or separately create power. The first element is competence. The definition of competence is the ability to communicate with others effectively, thus being able to easily spread information and or messages along to other human beings. Looking at leaders of the past and present, there are many examples who exemplify competence, either in a positive or negative light. For example, after World War I Germany fell into a depression as it served its punishment for being one of the many aggressors in the war. At the time, Adolf Hitler saw an opportunity for a leader who could assist the country out of their financial woes and rebuilding its war torn cities. In a short amount of time, Hitler used his charisma and sharp mind to connect with the majority of the German people and gain their trust. This allowed him to plow through the ranks of politics, which in the end, caused him to become the most loathsome and vile known dictator of Germany. Using his competence, he created promises of prosperity, though not without a

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