What Does True Love Really Feel Like?

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I guess I was just tired of being treated like an object all the time.I think that along everything that’s happened over the years people have forgotten what it 's like to be treated like a human being. We’ve shaped most of this generation to forget about true emotions.

We ask the question “What does true love really feel like?”

We as a society throw the word ”Love” around so much, that to some of us that word has just as much meaning as any other word in the dictionary.That word could be also lacking in someone 's life. It would’ve been over a year since that person has had that word, that sentence spoken to them “I love you”. It’s been a little over a year since she’s been truly cared about. A year since she was kissed, not just making out with someone. A kiss, something so intimate and soft that anybody could’ve made out with her but only one person ever really kiss her. One person could look into her cold dead eyes and bring life to them. One person stroked her face and slowly, passionately kissed her for the last time.

She could think back to last fall where the night was black as the coffee he was drinking.

She could think back to all those blissful memories that the two of them shared with each other.

Laying in her bed constantly replaying the engraved memories of the two of them in her head just destroyed her even more.

“What’s wrong with me”

“I tried so hard, I thought he was happy”

“What’s wrong with me!”

The constant questioning drove
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