What Does Users Are Picking Uber And How Has Uber Revolutionised?

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BBUS613 MAJOR PROJECT RESEARCH PROPOSAL Name : Jacqueline Ho Lyn Ni Student ID Number : w14135428 Course Title : Business Management (Accounting) University Email : jacqueline.ho@my.westminster.ac.uk Name of Supervisor : Shirin Cunningham TITLE To what extent users are picking Uber and how has Uber revolutionised? BACKGROUND Uber is a ridesharing service based in San Francisco that today has expanded to over 200 cites in the world. The company started in 2009 but only connected with the technological world by creating a taxi app to allow users to get a taxi with a click of their finger that was officially launched in 2010. With Uber revolutionising, this has made more and more users pick Uber. Having said that, many authors have…show more content…
From an analysis done by “Oxford Analytica” titled, Taxi apps could transform global transport models; it demonstrates that there is a niche in this mode of transportation (Walton 2014). Thus, I have therefore become interested to find out how Uber has revolutionised global transport and why are users picking Uber instead. According to an interview done by Sally Davies for the Financial Times, Taxi drivers claims fundamentally it must come down to cost on why users pick Uber (Kortekaas et al. 2014). On the contrary, cost may not be the only issue as booking an Uber protects you from risk, mainly because it is cashless system, Uber drivers do not require tips and it is automatically charged into the rider’s credit card. This ensures the driver’s service will be paid for (Joe 2013). Also, with Uber’s GPS technology, the user is able to track their driver’s - contact number, name, picture, type of car, car number plate and, how long will they will arrive at their pick up point from their mobile phones (Tanny 2013). This makes Uber safer as all details are recorded and in the event anything happens, it is all tracked down in their systems. In conclusion, criticism about Uber seems to been a ubiquitous phenomena, which is based more on public perceptions and other taxi companies sensitivities rather than economic factors. Thus the objective of the research is to clarify to what extent users pick

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