What Does You Do About Your Memories From Her Childhood?

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“Each person traces a unique trajectory of experiences through space and time; as a consequence, each encounter with the world results in an even more unique trajectory of cumulating experiences (Levinas, 1972; Markova, 2006, 2013a; Winnicort, 1990)”. So much of who she had become was a direct product of her development. The timeframe I’ve chosen to write about is six to twelve. The writer chose to write about this since this is the timeframe she could actually recall the greatest amount of memories from her childhood. As a part of the research process, she got a few books from the library that helped to gain understanding of the memories, jumbled thoughts, and certain headliners that occurred in that timeframe of her life. The writer initially wrote down the words Mary- Kate and Ashley, Rice Abduction, and Stone- Cold Steve Austin; a weird mixture of idioms in the nineties that came to mind. When writing this paper it was one the hardest things she had ever had to reflect and plunge into. She had suppressed so much into her memory that she never really talked about. She honestly really didn’t want to revisit those feelings and truly allow for healing. Family sources informed the writer that she was a very jovial, inquisitive child; asking a lot of questions, enjoyed dressing up in her mother’s heels and carrying her purse. She was also made aware that she loved to clean up, was very domesticated; helping around the house and very outgoing

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