What Does You Do? Essay

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“Every day we seem to make and act upon all kinds of free choices- some trivial, and others so consequential that they make change the course of our life. But are these choices really free? Or are we compelled to act the way we do by factors beyond our control?”(Pink cover). Every day as our eyes are opened in the mornings we are faced with various decision and consequence. One can choose to stay in bed for an extra five more minutes sleep which will turn into thirty minutes more of sleep after their alarm goes off, or one can get up at the sound of their alarm and lose that extra five minutes of sleep. If one stays in bed, they might run late to their meeting or miss the bus. However, if they get up on time they have a higher probability of catching the bus and being on time for work or school. This is one of the few choices that we as human beings with this unique ability of free will make on a daily basis. How we choose to execute our freedom of the will impact the effect it will have upon us. If one chooses stays in bed and misses the bus which then makes them therefore late for work, who is it to be blamed? The bus driver for leaving early? The lady that walked too slowly in front of them? Or oneself for spending an extra five minutes in bed to catch upon sleep? These are the questions of culpability, who is to be held responsible for a particular action or event? As humans we display our freedom of will on a daily basic knowing we will be held personally
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