What Does You Do For The Sophisticated Look This Evening? If You Are Kidding Me?

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“What is this, little Allie Mae, are you trying for the sophisticated look this evening? If so, dearest, it’s working.” “I hope you are kidding me,” Allie pouted. “I’m trying to prove a point to Mother and here you are saying that I actually look good… Ugh! I can never do anything right!” “You did everything right, my dear. You look lovely, sophisticated, and so much older than you actually are… and you rid yourself of those hideous, cumbersome hoops and that whalebone contraption you women wear. Do you remember that discussion we had earlier where I told you never to change who you are?” Eli asked. “Yes” “And what did you tell me-” “You needn’t worry about me changing; I am who I am,” mumbled Allie. “That’s right cousin Allie Mae. Now,…show more content…
Their cousin’s house was just three blocks north of their grandparent’s home; they could have easily walked it, but neither wanted to do so. The carriage ride, albeit a short one, took nearly half an hour. There was a line of carriages nearing the entrance to the Roberts’ House and Eli responded by saying he wished they had walked. “I was not expecting it to be this big of an affair, were you?” Allie asked, becoming slightly nervous now that she had dressed the way she had. “Yes, dear, unfortunately, I was. I forget that you live in Savannah and do not attend each year. I have attended cousin Millie’s birthday parties every year for as long as I can remember and each year they seem to get bigger and bigger. People love to gather together and exchange gossip and eat until their gullets are full,” Eli said with a quirk of his lip. Allie became more nervous. Eli must have noticed because he said, “Don’t be nervous, Allie Mae; they’re just people.” “You know I am not shy, Eli; I just was not expecting there to be so many people here that’s all.” “Just think of everyone as wearing their shimmies and long johns,” he said, ignoring her protest to being shy. “That is what I do. I especially like picturing the males in their drawers,” he whispered, then chuckled. Allie giggled. After sitting in line for a spell as each carriage pulled forward and emptied its passengers, they finally arrived at Millie’s front door; the door attendant ushered them
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