What Does You Do Outside Of The Classroom?

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Sure success in college means obtaining and maintaining a high GPA however, college is much more than just getting good grades and smiling and nodding at your professor (even when you may not understand a concept). Success is found in what you do outside of the classroom. How are you studying on your own? Are you making the most of resources available to you on campus? Are you being flexible and open minded? Are you participating in activities that will benefit your future career goal(s)?

Form support system
Be aware of your support system. If you do not have one, form one really fast. This system can include friends, family, church members and sometimes professors. Recognize people who have your best interest and heart and only offers good advice. This will not only give you the support that you need as you matriculate through college, but it also helps you to make the right decisions. Keep your support system as broad as you can and try not to restrict it. The more advice you have the better!
Work Hard, Play Hard
Recognize that success takes hard work! Course work gets more intense as you move up from one class to the next and settling for mediocre work will not cut it. Take initiative and be on your P’s and Q’s regarding your studies. Be on top of your assignments, projects, papers and exams. When you encounter a intricate information in which you do not understand, acknowledge that you need help and get help. Even the most intelligent students glean from others
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