What Doubt Mean To Me

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This paper will focus on what doubt means to me along with the importance of curiosity. Curiosity is one of the greatest aspects of life, without curiosity and doubt about how the universe works, technology and other inverters would not have been established here on earth. In addition, curiosity and doubt could make a person travel an extra mile to ensure the planet is the worst place or the best place to live in. For instance, it is curiosity that makes a person research the reason that an illness has caused more damage than good and discover various ways to treat that illness. In addition, curiosity and doubts could draw a person closer or away from their creator or faith. Moreover, an important notion when dealing with doubt is “reason.”…show more content…
These tragic events may include: getting a divorce, losing a human being or even a dog. Soon, the person may ask why vigorous and faithful people suffer a lot and the bad people get away with everything in this cruel world we live in. However, in my personal life, doubt means a lot to me, which gives rise to my spirituality, mentality and emotion in life, especially growing up in a Christian home, which attended different Christian religious beliefs. My first curiosity as a child started when my parents were invited to a Christian religious church in my home country. Once, I arrived at the church, I was instructed by the usher that I could not enter because of my outfit. Although I am known to be taciturn by nature with few terse in any conversation that did not stop me to doubt my own faith and mature in knowledge by interacting with others about their own faith. After, hours of negotiation and questioning with my parents and the usher they allowed us enter the church. Shortly, I was traumatized by the notion that I could not enter the church and the doctrine from the pastor was not
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