What Dreams Are Essay

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What Dreams Are

Dreams, we all have them at one time or another, and in one form or another. They can be daydreams, when we're awake, wishing and hoping for something more (bigger and better) than we already have, or the way we hope things should and would be. Next there is the wish, this is when there is a strong desire for a specific thing, a longing for one particular thing. Then there is the nightmare. They are the dreams that are very disturbing, full of fear and horror. They are often a very scary event played out while one is asleep, although we do not know we are asleep. "Dreams are a sequence of images etc. passing through a sleeping persons mind" (Webster's 182). Because dreams are often complex and very vivid, many
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"A secretion of our thoughts, and through them our thought is purified" (Webster's 155). A daydream is a passive imagination. "If we mistake these imaginings for reality, they would be called hallucinations" (World 67). Daydreams allow one to temporarily escape from reality, to overcome frustration or satisfy hidden wishes. However when one lives only in his daydreams, he may have a serious mental disorder. The daydreamer may imagine himself as a hero or superstar or a highly successful businessman. These daydreams are universal and may actually help the person's ambition or creativity. Wish, "a strong desire and longing for a specific thing" (Webster's 1336). A wish is to hope for something with the expectation of it being fulfilled. We continue to hope and wish for things all our lives, but it seems "Young people have an almost biological destiny to be hopeful" (Digest 49). Our great writers have often used the word wish in their writings. Shakespeare is often quoted in his work, for instance; "Wish-vb. Recommended (a person) to (another), commend to SHR 1. 1. 112. I wish him to her father, SHR 1. 2. 60." To wish for something is similar to a daydream; however, it is usually for a particular thing, like a bigger and better house or car. Also a wish can be an illusion where one's perception of reality is mistaken. Nightmare, "A frightening dream, often accompanied by a sensation of

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