What Drives Control Your Customers ' Buying Choices?

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Buying: Psychological Factors What drives control your customers’ buying choices? Buying choices are formed by four key psychological factors: motivation, perception, learning, and beliefs and attitudes. Motivation An individual is a complex bundle of needs. Biogenic needs develop from physiological states of stress such as hunger, thirst, or anxiety. Psychogenic needs develop from psychological states of stress like need for recognition, esteem, or belonging. Needs become motives as they grow more intense; Motives drive individuals to act. There are numerous psychological theories of motivation but we will only discuss them generally here. Perception Once motivated, individual is ready to act. Nature of that act is defined by perception of circumstances. When confronted with a situation, person selects, organizes, and interprets inputs to allow their perception to create a meaningful picture. No two individuals will interpret same reality in exactly same way. What might seem like an overly aggressive salesperson to one may appear helpful to another. This is because there are three distinct perceptual processes that filter information reaching person. These are: selective attention, selected distortion, and selective retention. Selective attention forces us to work hard to get consumers to notice us. There are some factors that work in our favor. We know people are more attentive to their current needs; if someone wants a computer, they notice computer stores
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