What Effect Did The Good Neighbor Have On The Relations Between The United States And Latin American Countries From

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What effect did the Good Neighbor have on the relations between the United States and Latin American countries from 1933 to 1939. After decades of American imperialism in Latin American nations, Franklin Roosevelt wanted to reduce American influence and improve relations. Before this, the American government effectively controlled Latin America with a series of puppet dictatorships that supported American interests in the region. As a result, Anti American sentiment was becoming very intense and violent. The Good Neighbor policies improved inter American relations by removing troops, recognizing the sovereignty of nations, and promoting cultural interactions. Up until the implementation of the Good Neighbor policy, several Latin American…show more content…
A breakdown of the 1934 treaty reveals that both parties took a part in constructing it unlike the 1903 treaty that was dominated by the United States. Cuba clearly achieves political sovereignty and the United States does not lose its strategic ports and resources. Another article demonstrates the age of the treaty but still being respectful since it lets each nation deal with disease outbreaks in their respective territories independently of each other. At that time, trusting another nation with something like a disease outbreak was relatively uncommon demonstrating the desire by both countries to be closer allies. The removal of the troops and the rescinding of the old treaty are a key part of the Good Neighbor Policy. The Good Neighbor Policy was central to Franklin Roosevelt’s overall foreign policy during his first terms in office. This is apparent in his inaugural address to the nation stating that: “I would dedicate this Nation to the policy of the good neighbor”. (Franklin Roosevelt) Roosevelt taking a stance on foreign policy in the throes of the Great Depression is unusual, but demonstrates the commitment to diplomacy and sowing goodwill among the Latin American nations. Additionally, there is a recognition that a healthy political relationship needs to be established so an economic relationship can flourish improving the lives of everyone. Focusing on inter American
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