What Effect Do Crimes Have on Law-Abiding Citizens

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Global Perspectives: Individual Research
Law and Criminality- What effect do crimes have on law-abiding citizens?
Crime may seem vile to us, but to those who practice it, there are several reasons why they feel that is a justified means of achieving their goals. To them, damage caused by a legitimate military attack is the same as the damage caused by terrorists. However, their actions have drastic effects on law-abiding citizens.
Global Perspectives
a) September 11 attacks (U.S.A):
9/11 was a series of coordinated attacks upon the United States on September 11, 2001. That day, Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four passenger jets and crashed two into the World Trade Center in New York, one into the Pentagon in Virginia and the last into a field in Pennsylvania.
b) 2008 Mumbai Attacks (India):
Ajmal Kasab is a Pakistani Islamic terrorist who was involved in the 2008 Mumbai attacks, or more famously known as “26/11”, in India. These attacks were more than 10 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks across Mumbai, by Islamist attackers who came from Pakistan. On 28 November, all sites except for the Taj hotel had been secured by the local authorities and the following day, Operation Black Tornado was conducted to eradicate any remaining terrorists.
c) The 2011 Kashgar attacks (China)
The 2011 Kashgar attacks were a series of knife and bomb attacks in Kashgar, Xinjiang, China on July 30 and 31, 2011 by the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM). On July 30, two men seized a

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