What Effective Practice Really Means

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In everyday life if we want to improve on something that we have done, we must be open to reflection, so that we can identify our strengths and weaknesses and find areas that can be improved on. As the GTCNI competence Framework states, “Teachers should keep curricular, subject and pedagogical knowledge up-to-date through reflection, self-study and collaboration with colleagues.” (Internet source 1) By taking this into consideration it is then evident that just like in everyday life, if teachers want to become truly effective practitioners they must develop their capacity for critically reflecting upon their practice. No person every stops learning, so no matter how long someone has been teaching, time must be given to reflect upon their practice so that they can continue to improve each day in order to become a truly effective practitioner.
In order to answer this question fully we must first have a clear understanding of what effective practice really means. As stated in the GTCNI Introduction “Successful teachers are those who not only reflect on classroom practice but are also concerned with the purposes and consequences of education as well as what might be deemed technical proficiency.” (Internet source 1) Some people have stated in the past that anyone who knows their subject content, that they are fit to teach. However most would disagree with this and would believe that teaching is about a whole lot more than just knowing the subject content. Kyriacou, (1997:1)…
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