What Efforts Are Being Taken Wildlife Protect Endangered Wildlife?

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What efforts are being taken to protect endangered wildlife? The animals are in trouble, and we need to help. Whether you want to believe it or not, animals seen all around the globe are slowly dying out. We can 't fully stop this devastating loss of life, but we can prevent animals dying from causes like pollution, deforestation, and hunting. What does endangered mean to you? Does it mean some unimportant animal is dying out or does it mean that part of our world as we know it is falling apart? Endangered animals are endangered for a reason. Were trying to keep them around as long as we can. We can 't sit around waiting for the animals to help themselves, we have to do something to help. There 's so many types of…show more content…
The Endangered Species Act also benefits people by maintaining healthy, natural systems that provide us with clean air, water, food, medicines and other products that we all need to live healthy lives. The Endangered Species Act is very important, because it saves our fish, plants and wildlife from going extinct. Once they are gone, they’re gone forever and there is no getting them back. Losing even a single species can have awful impacts on the rest of the ecosystem, because the effects will be felt throughout the food chain. From providing cures to deadly diseases to maintaining natural ecosystems and improving overall quality of life, the benefits of preserving threatened and endangered species are invaluable. The ESA adds and takes animals off the endangered species list as they feel necessary. They go through a long process to see improvement, growth, anything that is letting us know it 's getting better as a species. Many species protected under the ESA are on their way to recovery. The manatees were endangered for a long time and now thanks to the ESA they 've moved up to threatened. This is great for the manatees, it means they 're populating and getting bigger as a species. The Act provides numerous conservation resources to help states, tribes, and private landowners. Since it was signed into law the Endangered Species Act has afforded protection to more than 1,500 species in the United States. Millions of acres of forests, beaches, and
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