What Employee Turnover Means? Essay

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Before starting the analysis it worth to define what employee turnover means, in literature there are several definitions, as per Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia), in a human resources environment it refers to the characteristic of a selected company or industry, relative to rate in where an employer gains and loses associates. Price (1977) defines turnover as the degree of individual relocation within the membership limits of a social system. Macy & Mirvis (1976) define turnover as any departure in each organizational. Mobley (1982), stated that turnover is the cessation of associates in a firm by an employee who received compensation in terms of money from the organization. Denvir & McMahon (1992) reported that "High levels of attrition can become substantial and harmful to the organization. It obstacles relationships between employees and employers”. It results in heavy administrative costs and a considerable loss of productivity through the breaking up of teams who are used to working together and in a loss of expertize. As we can see there are several reports which are identifying what turnover means, although they look different, we can see similarity, all of them are referring to a loss in human capital for employer. We can therefore summarize all of them as: “employee turnover” is defined as “the number of organizational members who left during the considered period divided by the average number of people in that organization during the period”. (Number of
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