What Ethics Are For More Than 20 Years

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I have learned what ethics are for more than 20 years, and I cannot say what exactly ethics are, but I think ethics are being nice to everyone. In other words, I have to show respect to all people no matter what religion they have, what culture they have, where they were from, and what values they have. I try not to hurt others’ feelings or make people uncomfortable with my behaviors. Of course it is hard to please everything since I have my own values and religion. Therefore, I try to show respect and good behavior to others within my culture, religion, and value. All people have their own moral and ethical perspectives, and it is difficult to settle rules or mediate everyone’s perspectives. Because of that, most people follow both the standard laws and their own moral perspectives. My rules that I use in my daily life to guide my moral behavior are the laws, which is a formal public policy, and the rules of the Bible. I mostly follow these two things as my moral compass. A law helps me to know what behavior is right and wrong, and the rules of the Bible tells me what behavior is good or bad to my identity and values. In the lecture, Professor Mun said a law is “the public’s agency for translating morality into explicit social guidelines and practices and for stipulating punishments for offenses.” However, following the guidelines of the law doesn’t always make people moral. For example, cheating on boyfriend or girlfriend is not illegal, but it is obviously bad because
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